What to see in Surrey

Situated very close to London, just 16 miles away, Surrey is a peaceful place, where you can admire not only the beautiful English countryside, but the historic attractions and the museums of the region. It’s actually a must-place to visit for a weekend.

A good idea is to start your amazing tour in Surrey from the London Bus Museum, where you can admire the beautiful collection of around 40 historic buses from London, from the first “Omnibus” till the buses of 1970’s. Most of them are presented in different galleries, according to their different eras.

Another great place to visit is the Royal Palace in region, which isn’t inhabited by the royals since the 18th century. The palace is situated in the beautiful countryside, with marvelous gardens around it and a great tennis court. The palace was built for Thomas Wolsey (cardinal) and later was the favorite place of King Henry VIII.

In the heart of Surrey there is the Denbie Wine Estate, which is the best place to visit if you want to know how the best wines in the region are made. It’s an estate of 265 acres of vines and you can learn all about the process of making the wine, you can even taste or buy the wine you prefer. Within the estate there are also two restaurants, where you can enjoy a great meal, accompanied with the best wine of the region.

If you like art, Watts Gallery is the greatest of it’s kind. Dedicated to the work of Victorian era sculptor and painter Frederic Watts, the gallery possess a great variety of portraits, sculptures and landscapes made by the famous British artist. You can also visit one of the temporary exhibitions that is taking place within the gallery. For the first time opened it’s doors to the public in April 1904, just before Watt’s death. The museum will open again his private studio in autumn 2015, which was closed for some time

You may also like to visit the Living Planet Center of VVWF and experience the wild life and find out how WWF protects the environment. Before you visit the center, you may also check it’s program, because throughout the year different kind of activities take place within the center.

If you have the time, you can also visit so many places in the region, such as the Painchill Park and enjoy a walk in the remaining examples of landscapes of 18th century in the country, or you may want to go to Brooklands Museum and see a unique variety from racing cars to aircrafts, or you can walk around the magical landscapes of Surrey.

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